fairview apartment




Our standard nightly rates* are:


Peak season (24 Dec 28 Feb) Off-peak (Mar 23 Dec)


- Weekends (Fri/Sat nights) $150 - Weekends (Fri/Sat nights) $140

- Weekdays (Sun/Thurs nights) $125 - Weekdays (Sun/Thurs nights) $110


Note: minimum 2 nights stay


The above rates are based on 2 guests staying. Additional guests will incur a charge of $10 per night per head, although children under the age of 10 stay free. A maximum of 4 guests may use the apartment at any one time.


Weekly and longer-stay rates apply. Please enquire.


Special notice:


The apartment is available for rent during the Rugby World Cup (9 Sep 2011 23 Oct 2011). Rental during this period will be on a strictly pre-pay basis and subject to payment of a bond. Offers welcome.


Click here to enquire about a booking. Please also see our terms and conditions.

Wellington regularly hosts events resulting in high demand. We reserve the right to alter these rates at our discretion.

fairview apartment